Short Story The House I Grew Up in
The House I Grew Up In
Short Story The Most Active Haunted House I've Ever Encountered in The Naugatuck Valley

The most active haunted house I’ve ever encountered in the Naugatuck Valley


My sister lives in the most active haunted house I’ve been in. It doesn’t freak my sister out all that bad or me for the most part, because we both grew up in a haunted house, so we’re no strangers to the unexplained. When it comes to my brother-in-law and the kids its a different…

Short Story An Unexplained Visit

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My sister lives in the most active haunted house I’ve been in. It doesn’t freak my sister out all that bad or me for the most part, because we both grew up in a haunted house, so we’re no strangers to the unexplained. When it comes to my brother-in-law and the kids its a different story. Within two weeks of moving in my sister saw a full bodied apparition standing in the dinning room. It was an apparition of an older man wearing a large brimmed hat and a vest. Two weeks latter my brother-in-law saw the same man and he didn’t take it as well considering he’s petrified of ghosts. It happened again to my brother-in-law about a month later only this time the man was standing in the entry way to the house and could be seen through the screen door looking out. He stayed in his car until my sister got home. My brother-in-law is no coward and is quite dangerous in a brawl, but I think he draws the line at things he cant punch. My sister and brother-in-law acquired the house from friends of theirs who were the previous occupants. They approached them and asked them if they had experienced anything strange while they lived there and they responded with,”did you see the man?”

Obviously the prior occupants had seen this entity quite regularly to give such a matter of fact response, like it was an old friend of theirs or something. I was oblivious to these happenings until my sister and brother-in-law told me about them. I became intrigued and offered to check it out, considering I was going to be at their house anyway to help hang sheetrock. When I got there only my brother-in-law was there and he told me about the footsteps that had recently started. I used to do ghost hunting as a hobby back in the day, but in all that time I’d never heard ghostly footsteps. I was a little excited to be honest. We started cutting and hanging sheetrock in the kitchen when sure as shit, I clearly hear someone walking around right above my head on the second floor. I looked at my brother-in-law with a smirk and said,”are you serious dude?” He respond with,” it happens all the time now.”

A little chill went up my spine and we went back to work, all the while listening to the unmistakable sound of heavy footed walking and shuffling above our heads. To be honest I wish I had recorded it, it just kept going and going. suddenly the footsteps and shuffling stopped and it stayed quiet for about 10 minutes then we heard a slamming sound that shook the floor. This rattled us both. The only thing that could have made that sound were to old, heavy, wooden cellar doors outside.

I told my brother-in-law we have to go check it out, understandably he wasn’t a huge fan of the idea. My main concern was the off chance that someone broke in to steal stuff, so I grabbed a claw hammer and told him to just back me up if shit gets real. I’ll be honest my hands were shaking when we pulled open the cellar doors and made the decent into the musty old basement. We searched every inch of the basement but there was no one down there…at least that we could see. Again I got a chill up my spine and got the hell out of there. That was my first experience in that house. A few months later I offered to say overnight and record the basement with a baby monitor (not high tech, but it gets the job done). I set the baby monitor up in an area of the basement that gave me the creepiest feelings. I watched it using my laptop and recorded roughly 16 hours of footage. I never caught anything on video, but the audio was very interesting and a bit unnerving. There was constant barely audible murmuring even into the early morning hours when everyone including me had long gone to sleep.

It sounded like numerous individuals were having a conversation they didn’t want anyone to hear. Oddly the activity came to a halt with no explanation and the house was quiet for about a year until recently. The things that happen now put me on edge a bit because I have seen thing in broad daylight that I cant explain. On two occasions I’ve seen what looks like a woman walking through the front yard towards the back of the house but when I went to check it out there was no one there. One of the kids experienced something almost identical but far more terrifying not long after me. One of my nephews was playing in the back yard in the afternoon when a woman’s head creeped around the backside of the house and was staring at him. My nephew panicked and ran behind one of the cars in the driveway, a few seconds latter he heard walking up the outside stairwell leading to the second floor, but couldn’t see anyone physically up there. I find this distressing in a way because all the activity before seemed random as if the ghosts weren’t aware of our presence, but now it seems they are quite aware. It has quieted down a bit but this house has its ebbs & flows. I pray the ghosts don’t try making physical contact next.

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