Christmas Stories

There is no time of the year quite like Christmas. This holiday is a great time to read classic stories to your child. The amount of Christmas stories out there is immense. No matter your background, tradition, or culture you will find stories that can find an important home in your children’s mind during the holiday season.

Well-known Christmas stories include:

  • A Christmas Carol
  • The Snowman
  • Rudolf the Red Nosed Reindeer
  • ‘Twas the Night Before Christmas

In different cultures, there are Christmas stories with different flavors, but similar messages of charity, family, love, and tradition. Some examples include:

  • The Story of Babushka (Russia)
  • Santa Kullosu (South Korea)
  • Bom Velhinho (Brazil)
Why Tell Christmas Stories

The importance of Christmas stories lies in the messages that they share.

Regardless of creed, culture, or country, there are universal messages to be taken from Christmas. This special holiday celebrates life, family, tradition, and community. Each of these elements wrap into a nice package that a child will enjoy.

Christmas stories teach children about the importance of giving to others. This shapes them for future interactions with other children, and as they grow, with other adults. They will also learn about why being close to family is something to cherish. This holiday period brings the family together, and children can benefit greatly from these stories.

Benefits Of Christmas Stories

Benefits of reading or telling Christmas stories are many.

  1. You will connect with your child with genuine quality time. Having a tight family unit has been shown to increase a child’s self-esteem, self-value, and empathy for others. Research also says that bonding as a family helps a child’s emotional and academic development.
  2. Your child will associate this time of year with giving, love, sharing, and closeness. Having a strong tradition such as a Christmas story time will teach your child to associate the holidays with positive behavior rather than asking for more toys and such. Reading classic stories is a great way to shift the focus to more important values.
  3. Your child will have his or her imagination excited in the best way possible. It almost goes without saying that stimulating a child’s creativity, imagination, and mental faculties is of the utmost importance. Telling stories of magical reindeer, a jolly old man delivering gifts to all the children of the world, and of talking snowmen will bring joy to your young one.
Bringing The Family Together

When the Christmas holidays do roll around, be sure to engage in activities that bring your family together. Out of the many things you can do as a family, such as baking, watching old films, wrapping gifts, and cooking, you can sit down and read stories to your child.

This creates a tradition of family time that you can do each year. Your child will come to look forward to this, perhaps even more than the idea of gifts. Be sure to supplement the story telling and book reading with the watching of classic movies such as:

  • A Christmas Story
  • White Christmas
  • A Christmas Carol

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