Scary Stories To Tell In The Dark

Nothing quite beats sitting in the dark and telling a good spooky tale of the macabre, of spiders and creepy crawlers, and of what lurks under the bed. For children of different ages, a scary story can be an exciting journey into the darker side of the imagination.


There are many sources for great scary stories to tell kids in the dark. Whether you are around a campfire or simply sitting in bed, you need a starting point.

Popular scary stories come from folklore, fairy tales, myths, and local culture. Others are collected in books, websites, and other sources.

Examples of popular stories to tell in the dark include:

  • The Hook Hand Killer
  • The Vanishing Hitchhiker
  • Humans Can Lick, Too

Depending on the age of your child, you might want to tone some of the stories that you find down to a level of fright that is more appropriate for them. Younger children cannot handle stories that cause deep terror whereas a kid in their teens might be able to handle them. Always keep in mind your audience, especially if the child is young and still in important development phases.

Why Tell Scary Stories In The Dark

Telling scary stories in the dark has many benefits.

The first is that these situations teach a child how to overcome fear. A well-told story for youngsters might involve a strong ending where the person in peril finds success in overcoming the terror presented. Teaching a child that the dark may be overcome with strength, perseverance, and friendship is an important way to help them to develop confidence, inner strength, and relaxation in the face of fear.

Second, a scary story told under the stars, in the dark, or on a rainy night bring together the family. A story told at any time can involve not only the younger children but the family as a whole unit. These precious moments are important to everyone involved, including the kids. Bring your family together and have each of you take turns telling a scary tale. See who can tell the spookiest story!

These benefits have a wide reach and will impact your child’s future in the best ways.

Be A Leader

When telling a scary story be sure to show bravery. Be a fine example of one who can overcome any bit of darkness that is thrown in your way.

If you want your kids to become stronger in the face of adversity, be sure to show that you, the parent and leader of the family, are strong as well.

When telling a horror story be sure to:

  • Appear calm
  • Use your hands and facial expressions to set the mood
  • Always have a strong conclusion where the good guys win
  • Smile after and comfort your child if they appear to be too frightened

Being a leader also means showing your children that you care about spending time with them. Teach them by example to always have time to sit down as a family and share stories. This teaches a child about friendship, family, and community in a fun and exciting fashion.

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