Spooky Tales

Scary stories are one of the most timeless traditions among humans. If you think back to your own childhood you will more than likely remember being told scary stories. Perhaps you even told one yourself while sitting around a campfire, on your bed with friends, or in a dark room on a rainy night.

Not all scary stories need to be aimed at giving the utmost fright to a child as that can be detrimental to their mental and emotional well-being. These frightening tales of horror can be made suitable for children. The right way of telling it a scary story can be an exciting way to spend some time with your child.

Benefits Of Scary Stories

As a parent you would not think that a scary story would be beneficial to a young child. However, depending on the age of the child a scary story can be fun, adventurous, and just frightening enough to send chills up their spine without causing too much excitement.

A well-told scary story will give your kid a new perspective on the unknown. Through the story the child will have to face some fear and be led to a resolution. It is key to have a positive ending where the main character, or the child, comes out not only alive but healthy, safe, and stronger than before. This sense of accomplishment will help your kid grow into a more confident person.

Macabre tales are effective stories that teach lessons of courage, adventure, and how to face one’s fears. These are vital to a child. It is not important if your child is more afraid than others when it comes to things like darkness, being alone, or any other usual childhood concern. Most children will have something to gain from a great scary story.

Advice For Scary Stories

As a parent you are the one leading your child through the scary story. You need to be a strong figure for them in this moment so that the child does not regret having asked for this story in the first place. Your kid will be looking to you as an example. If the story is told in a menacing way it will only taint the child’s perception and probably cause nightmares at some point.

Show confidence, courage, and respect as you weave tales of cosmic horror and wicked witches. Children have amazing imaginations. Activate them with a weird tale and they will love it; fail to control the amount of horror and they will be upset.

When telling a scary story remember to:

  • Lead your child on a spooky journey
  • Let him or her be the hero
  • Refrain from using gory details
  • Offer a great and positive conclusion

After the scary story is told your child will probably have questions. If they appear to be too nervous perhaps it is not the best idea to tell more scary stories. However, scary stories are one of the most requested types of stories by children, especially around Halloween and other “scary” times so be sure to engage their curiousity if you feel that they are up for it. Only you know your child and their tendencies. Each kid is different, and you need to be smart about what stories you decide to tell!

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